E-Commerce Facebook Bot for any Online Store

Few months ago I’ve got an idea of making “Bot Sales Manager” for any online store. Yes, the idea is not unique, “Simpsons Already Did It”, but I havent found any service in the internets which solves this in convenient way.

Big players like eBay and Shopify already created bot solutions for their platforms and now it’s the turn of the rest of e-commerce to have this additional distribution channel.

SO my idea was to create a system which helps any store owners create Facebook chat bots in less than 5 minutes. With no programming skills of course, not even HTML editing.

Why Online Stores do Need a Facebook Bot NOW?

A few important reasons I see.

  1. Bots have higher retention rates than websites and mobile apps.
  2. Higher open rates than emails of the messages sent through bots.
  3. Chats are the best way to get information and make decisions fast. Shopping decisions.
  4. Payments functionality is smooth, people make purchases in a few taps.
  5. It is better now than later – good for the store image because bots are on hype now.

I came to conclusion that a smart E-Commerce Bot should have following abilities:

  1. Single click registration process
  2. Simple intuitive bot creation
  3. Import products automatically from the store
  4. Have Artificial Intelligence under the hood to understand customers and serve correct results very fast
  5. Provide statistics of the bot usage
  6. Don’t bother the store owner
  7. Scalable, reliable

I implemented all of the 7 points above in my “bot-platform for e-commerce” and gave it codename “SHOPYBOT“.
https://www.shopybot.com – check this out!  – well, it’s not ready yet for global market, but I’m very close. Currently it is available only for Ukrainian store owners under the name PROMUABOT: https://www.promuabot.com.

UPDATE 30/09/17: Actually, I released it few months ago, please read my short article here about this chatbot platform for e-commerce

It is awesome, really:

  1. shop owner can log in with Facebook
  2. click one button “Add Bot”
  3. enter shop website address
  4. add products export URL (like they do products export to price comparison websites)
  5. hit “Submit” and bot starts working for them.

Easy & Simple!

On the other side, in the Facebook Messenger, customers can browse products by categories or chat with the bot about what do they want exactly.

The PROMUABOT is aimed to be used with the most famous e-commerce platform in Ukraine – PROM.UA. But there is a possibility to create WooCommerce Bot, PrestaShop Bot, Magento Bot, OpenCart Bot or/and any other e-commerce online store which supports export products in YML format (Yandex Markup Language)

If you understand Ukrainian language and you have online store you can try my PROMUABOT for free for the beta period.

Welcome to discussion bots in e-commerce, I’m all open ears 🙂