E-Commerce Facebook Bot for any Online Store

Why do you need E-Commerce Bot?

Few months ago I’ve got an idea of making “Bot Sales Manager” for any online store. Yes, the idea is not unique, “Simpsons Already Did It”, but I havent found any service in the internets which solves this in convenient way.

Big players like eBay and Shopify already created bot solutions for their platforms and now it’s the turn of the rest of e-commerce to have this additional distribution channel.

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Ueberauth OAuth2 Authentication for Elixir project with LINE Messenger

Hello Elixir fellows!
Released yesterday first version of the ueberauth_line package for oauth authetication for your elixir project.
Installation and using is pretty straightforward, you can use any of other Ueberauth tutorials, like Ueberauth for Facebook.

Tricky thing in using LINE OAuth is setting up LINE Channel and handling errors because they are now really readable (they put error codes in the URL, so keep an eye on your browser address bar).
Be sure you went every step described here in the LINE web login settings very carefully.

Please note that LINE doesn’t provide user email address so we need to mimic it with the LINE user ID and if you need an email for user you’ll need to implement additional step of adding an email.