Refurbished Bot for Facebook Messenger written in Elixir/Phoenix

Month ago I released another one messenger bot in Elixir/Phoenix –, congrats to me! 🙂
This bot helps to monitor best deals on Apple Refurbished and Clearance page.

You can browse for a deal in your Facebook Messenger and find or subscribe for best deals.

Bot doesn’t send fresh deals like usually marketers do, only when used subscribe to particular Macbook Pro.

Apart from this I made bot to crosspost new deals to his Facebook Fan page and delete “out of stock” deals, so there are only available products at the moment. The same is for the Refurbished Bot Twitter account


Currently bot been used by 36 people, harvested 474 deals.

  • get the “pages_messaging_subscriptions” permission from Facebook Review Team (help needed here from a Facebook Team member, you know someone?)
  • implement predictions based on model and price like how fast particular model will be bought and give users a hint to decide buying this faster (ML, Multiple Linear Regression will be used)



You’re welcome to post your comments, suggestions, ideas – anything! 🙂


Facebook page:

Twitter Refurbished Bot Twitter account