Symfony sfAssetsLibraryPlugin assets resize script

Hi there!

I’d like to share with this pretty simple script with you, hope it will save you few minutes.

You guys who familiar with this Symfony plugin for assets management probably know that it uses sfThumbnail plugin for making thumbnails of image assets.
sfThumbnail has configuration in app.yml and it looks like:

    upload_dir:       media                  # Asset library root, under the web/ dir
    check_type:       false                  # Set to true if you want to restrict the type of assets
    types:            ['image']  # Accepted asset types if check_type is true
    thumbnail_dir:    thumbnail              # Where the image thumbnails are stored
    use_ImageMagick:  false                  # Set to true if you have the convert command
    thumbnails:                              # Name and size (in pixels) of the thumbnails created at upload
      tiny:                                 # Displayed in the list page
        width: 70
        height: 70
      small:                                 # Displayed in the list page
        width: 100
        height: 100
        shave: false                          # Cut strips to constraint the image size
        width: 200
        height: 200
      large:                                 # Displayed in the details page
        width: 450
        height: 450
      original:                                 # Displayed in the details page
        width: 800
        height: 800
    search_pager_size: 20                    # Number of resuts per page
    mass_upload_size:  5                     # Number of file upload controls displayed in the mass upload form

This is cool but when you have your project up and running and decided to add new type of thumbnail (for instance name it ‘big’)

        width: 400
        height: 400
you’ll have a problem: you need to resize all old images according to new thumbnail type.

“This is simple science” – you need to get all assets objects and resize them in the following way:
1. Create batch script in you symfony batch folder:

$ symfony init-batch default dev mybatchname

Also make sure that it users ‘backend’ application (or application that uses sfAssetAdmin module)

2. Place content from the following code block into your batch script

 <?php /* sfAssets resizer batch script
 * This batch script resizes all image assets stored by sfAssetsLibraryPlugin plugin
 * If you changed thumbnails' dimentions or added new you'd love this script.
 * Just make changes to your app.yml and run this script.
 * This script doesn't deletes any assets from disk - it's overwrites.
 * @package    alexfilatov
 * @subpackage batch
 * @author     Alex Filatov

define('SF_ROOT_DIR',    realpath(dirname(__file__).'/..'));
define('SF_APP',         'backend');
define('SF_ENVIRONMENT', 'dev');
define('SF_DEBUG',       1);


// initialize database manager

$databaseManager = new sfDatabaseManager();

// batch process starts here
// If you have a lot of records you should refine this using hydration
$c = new Criteria();
$c->add(sfAssetPeer::TYPE, 'image');
$assets = sfAssetPeer::doSelect($c);

foreach ($assets as $asset) {
	echo 'Processing ' . SF_ROOT_DIR.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'/web/'.$asset->getFolderPath() . ':' . $asset->getFilename() . '...';
	sfAssetsLibraryTools::createThumbnails($asset->getFolderPath(), $asset->getFilename());
	echo "done!\n";
// batch process ends here


3. Run it

php mybatchname.php

Important notice: if you have a lot of image assets (thousands) you need to refine this script using object hydration.
I’ll do it later, just to let you know.
Peace! 🙂