First nice to have while developing in Symfony

If you are doing Symfony you probably already know that you should frequently clear the project cache.

By typing this command:

project_folder> symfony clear cache

Very often we need to look at the browser and do a page refresh to get new addings displayed.
Press F5 in the browser, waiting… and nothing is changed!!

WTF?! Oh, I forgot to clear the cache.
Press Alt+Tab, looking appropriate window with Symfony project and doing there “symfony cc” (cc – short from “clear cache”).

To many actions isn’t it?

I propose the following:

If you’re runnig Windows on your machine you can make batch file in the project root folder. For example name it “scc.bat”.
Open it with editor and type there only one line:

symfony cc

And save it.

After that you should make a shortcut on your desktop of this batch file and apply a key sequence on it, for instance “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C”
/Right mouse click, Properties, Key sequence/

That’s all!

Now you can clear the project cache right from your browser view by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C”

Is it Nice? 🙂