Virtual DJ Instrument Widget – HitPads Remixer

About two weeks ago I finished with alpha version of Virtual DJ Remixer Widget –

Now you can see it in action! 🙂

This is Hitpads Remixer embedded:

This is Youtube video how to play it:

Few words about is a total departure from last year’s music discovery paradigm: “I am listening to your song but I’ve stopped interacting with my computer”. Now listeners can engage your music with unprecedented input like a DJ thereby creating a brand new paradigm: “By interacting with my computer I am listening and getting to know your song.”

This Music Discovery Experience like no other is achieved via our Unique HitPads Remixer Virtual Instrument and Embeddable Widget, a Technological Breakthrough that Unifies Immersive Music Discovery, Multilevel Viral Music Publicity and Listener Driven Music Creation.

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