Hi5 social network – a trick how to uncheck all your contacts from thirdparty address book


Just got an invitation to hi5 social network and accepted it.

After that I decided to find which of my friends are already there and imported all contacts from GMail address book.

Threre were more than 500 contacts but only 30 were already registered in hi5.

And, the worst news, ALL of them were checked! This is unfair because there no any possibility to uncheck them all.

To uncheck them all you need to do the following steps (assume that you use Firefox with Firebug addon):

1. Select “manually send invitations” (instead of automatically sending) and you’ll see the list of all your contacts.

2. Take a look in hi5 html page source code and and make sure they are using JQuery there.

3. Open console in Firebug and execute the following code:

$("INPUT[type='checkbox']").attr('checked', false)

All checkboxes became unchecked.

4. Manually check all necessary contacts and press submit.

This is minus for hi5 developers – there MUST be a possibility to uncheck all contacts!