Migration to Symfony 1.1: Step Two

In my previous Symfony 1.1 migration step 1 I descirbed how to upgrade your old Symfony 1.0 project into Symfony 1.1 version. This is works and this is OK.

After that I upgraded project I opened it in my browser and got errors (of course, in development environment you can see it). My Symfony was dissatisfied of presence ‘web_debug: ~’ and ‘flash:     ~’ lines in my ‘frontend/config/filters.yml’. I deleted these lines and everything became OK.

There are too many small issues I’ve discovered while migration process and seems like there will be more.
And another reason – I’m using many plugins from different vendors in my project so these plugins must be custom edited to work well with 1.1 – It’s a lot of work.

I made a final decision – rollback to Symfony 1.0.17 with my project and wait while almost all plugins vendors migrate to 1.2 🙂 Because 1.1 is the transition release and for one year only.

So, I’ve got good experience with migration and have seen powerfull features of 1.1 like forms, events for example – this is right way of development, Fabien! 🙂

We’re looking forward for the 1.2.