E-Commerce Facebook Bot for any Online Store

Why do you need E-Commerce Bot?

Few months ago I’ve got an idea of making “Bot Sales Manager” for any online store. Yes, the idea is not unique, “Simpsons Already Did It”, but I havent found any service in the internets which solves this in convenient way.

Big players like eBay and Shopify already created bot solutions for their platforms and now it’s the turn of the rest of e-commerce to have this additional distribution channel.

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Fixing edeliver Failed to build release: :no_releases error

If you deploy your Elixir/Phoenix project with edeliver you probably faced small issue which looks like this:

==> Assembling release..
==> Failed to build release:

This is settings error and please follow this checklist of 2 items to fix this issue:

1. Ensure you have release configuration file `rel/config.exs`. If not – run `mix release.init` command to create one
2. Ensure you have APP variable equal your application name exactly.
in the file `config/config.exs`:
`config :swissbanks, …`

and `.deliver/config` must contain line:

In my case issue was in the `.deliver/config` which contained `APP=”swissbanken“` 🙂