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It’s easy but make sure you have MySQL and php5-fpm installed with Homebrew.

After that you can run following commands



I have created bash scripts for this and put them to /usr/sbin/php-restart and /usr/sbin/mysql-restart.

Contents for such scripts are:



After that I can simply type “sudo php-restart” and “sudo mysql-restart”.

Easy :)

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Few days ago I decided to use free Twitter Bootstrap themes from

In my Symfony 1.4 project I use a lot of Symfony Forms and I needed to adjust them according to Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 rules.

So I created custom sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatter:

There is important thing in this class on lines 18-22:


Here we have adjustment of the text input field with Twitter Bootstrap form class, to make it 100% width. You can also adjust other form controls by checking class names of the form widgets.

Hope this saved some time for you, enjoy!

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I had a case recently – the registration form with alternative email and secret question.
In this form user needed to enter alternative email OR/AND secret question for password reminder function – at least one field must be filled. So I used approach of adding form validators dynamically.
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